When she bent over, doctors found something unusual on her back (VIDEO)

It is a very common tendency among people to be tempted to pop their own pimples or cysts. Actually, the habit of squeezing and nudging the pimple makes us feel that it will get something better than it seems. But you may not know that popping the pimples yourself can spread the infection and make the condition worse than ever.

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Hence, it is required to consult a professional expert for the issue. This is what a woman did when she saw a huge cyst on her back. Get ready to have a gross journey.

A woman had a huge lump on her back. So, she consulted a doctor for getting it removed.

Doctor started with giving anesthesia to her. The cyst was injected with an anesthetic to avoid the pain.

Enormously huge cyst. The doctor initially applied the pressure around the region.

The bucket full of grossness. Pus started oozing out on applying pressure.

The doctors without using gloves started the secretion of the cyst. Cysts are infectious in nature then how the doctor is operating it without gloves? Strange!

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Another yet smaller one. The popping of a smaller cyst also trickled goo.

A volcano of pus from the ball of the cyst. Yikes! Disgusting.

It’s scary! Isn’t it? Extractions biggest cyst popped on back a girl.

Watch the video below for more:

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