Boy, 8, born without a thumb gets a new hand made from his FOOT after doctors remove a toe to create a wrist joint in pioneering surgery

An eight-year-old boy has been given back the use of his right hand after doctors used bones from his foot to fix it.

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Lal Ding, from Baltimore, Maryland, was born with ‘radial club hand’ – a rare, genetic condition where the radius (the inner bone that connects the elbow to the forearm) does not form properly. Lal had just a small remnant of the bone in his arm.
It left him with no thumb and his hand bent inward at a 90 degree angle.
Traditional surgery could have centralized his hand, but would also leave him with limited to no mobility, as well as impair growth.
But thanks to the innovative surgery – the first of its kind performed in the US – doctors told Daily Mail Online that Lal is is picking up and grabbing things as fast as he can.
Lal Ding, eight, from Baltimore, Maryland, has the use of his right hand back after an innovative operation used bones in his foot to fix it

Radial club hand is a rare, genetic condition where the radius (the inner bone that connects the elbow to the forearm) doesn’t properly form.

It left Lal with no thumb and an inward bent hand
Lal had already had a surgery to reposition his index finger to where his thumb should have been.
But his parents wanted to know if there was anything that could be done to straighten the hand without impairing his development.
So they went to MedStar Union Memorial Hospital where they met Dr Ryan Katz of the Curtis National Hand Center.

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Dr Katz and a team of doctors learned of an innovative procedure, created by a Finnish micro-surgeon, that would take a bone, a joint and a growth plate from Lal’s foot to create a functioning hand and arm.
‘I love complex cases, difficult surgical problems, this case had everything that I love about surgery,’ Dr Katz told Daily Mail Online.


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