He had this bump on his arm for 6 months. When He Popped It? This is all kinds of NOPE (VIDEO)

Dr. Pimple Popper, aka Dr. Sandra Lee, is back at it again with another crazy video! It all started when a man went to see her for a bump he had on his arm that he had left unchecked for 6 months before deciding to pay a visit to the doctor.

The minute Dr. Sandra saw the growth she started working on figuring out the best way to take it out. The whole process took around 7 minutes and it is wild to watch! She tried two different methods before finally being able to remove the unsightly bump.

At first, Dr. Lee tried to do a suspension stitch in an attempt to manipulate the object gently out from under the patient’s skin. Sadly, that did not work for her so she had to try something else. If she had continued that tactic she would have caused too much damage to the skin around it.

So Dr. Pimple Popper changed the direction of her method to get out the object, which she described as ‘chalky and friable.’ With her careful squeezing and pushing she is able to get the object out that had been growing inside of him for 6 months.

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