If You Can’t Help But Pop Your Zits, You Have to Watch This Video

There is no shortage of pimple popping videos on the Internet, but rarely do they contain this much non-topical alcohol. A group of women sharing drinks by the pool took their friendship to the next level after deciding to pop one of their pimples that had grown to the size of a golf ball

While this woman may have been able to hide her neglected pimple underneath clothes, her bikini exposed the inflamed cyst on her side. Her friends managed to convince the woman that now was the time to pop it and let them play liquored up doctor.


The video shows the woman lying on a lounger and being continually fed Fireball through a straw like she’s about to have a limb amputated. Her friends hilariously try to ease her pain and emotionally prep her before going in for the big squeeze.

“We’re going to do counter pain like I did with my contractions,” one of the women says while grabbing her arm tightly. As the group of friends pin her down, another one of the women takes two pieces of paper towel and applies pressure. The long overdue pimple erupts and causes an explosive deranged fire hose of pus.

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