Common symptoms of poly-cystic ovarian syndrome

This is a syndrome caused in women probably between the age of 18 and 44. There is also a fear in girls that even the girls ageing 11 years old are prone to this syndrome. It has a severe problem like the change in the looks, problems during periods and pregnancy. If not cured at the earliest it may lead to much severe problems like diabetes and heart disease.

The major causes due to which women suffer from PCOS are:

  • Obesity
  • Excess of testosterone in female body
  • Decreased physical activity in women
  • Insulin resistance is the important reason which leads to PCOS

The effects caused due to PCOS in women are;

  • It causes anovulatory infertility
  • Infertility is the main effect caused due to this
  • The mature egg produced by the ovaries for the reproduction process may not get fertilized by sperm transferred during sex from men.

Let’s understand the symptoms caused in women due to PCOS and by the way which the women come to know about it:

Periods are not regular.

It s the first symptom of PCOS. It is common when you’re young but if the same continues in the adult stage then you’re suffering through a problem called PCOS. Production of excess amount of testosterone in the body is the cause due to irregular periods. This will lead to hormone imbalance and the result is irregular periods. Excess of testosterone in the body is also said to be because of PCOS

Absence of Menstruation

When the menstruation doesn’t take place for more than 6 months- it is a worrisome problem.It is the same problem as seen in irregular periods i.e. the production of excess of testosterone in the women body.

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Increase in facial and body hair

Hirsutism (excess growth of hair on the body), is the result for excess production of testosterone in the body. The excess hair can be seen on the upper lip, chin and on face. It is said that PCOS is the main reason for Hirsutism.


It can be seen the acne is common among teens but if it continue even after 20, then it may be a symptom for PCOS. Acne related to PCOS generally occurs around the chicks, upper neck, chin and jaw line. It is mostly developed as hard bumps below the skin and is not visible over the bumps.

Hair loss and thinning

PCOS gives a clear signal when your hair starts get thin and starts falling. This probably occurs due to increase in production of testosterone in the body.This testosterone travels to the scalp of the hair and converts into dihydrotestosterone. This causes the hair to shrink and also to slow down the growth of hair. This is all the reason for the hair thinning and falling down Also while you’re drying or brushing your hair- you may notice a loss of hair in large number. This is all due to PCOS.


Hirsutism is the reason because of which the PCOS patients suffer a lot of stress. Basically stress is a result of any type of mental or physical illness. PCOS patients suffer through a lot of hormonal imbalance in the body and the result due to which there can be observed a lot of stress within them.

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Increase in blood pressure

PCOS patients can be seen with a common element i.e. hypertension. This hypertension leads to increase in blood pressure.Obesity and weight gain are also other factors resulting in hypertension. It can also be seen that as the BMI and the weight increases- the blood pressure too increases.


The hormonal imbalance and because body is unable to produce the hormones sufficiently, woman body undergoes depression.The main reason for imbalance in the body is PCOS So, depression can also be names as the symptom to check whether you’ve got PCOS or no.