This compilation of pimple popping videos is the NASTIEST thing you will see all day

Dr. Sandra Lee, otherwise known as the Dr. Pimple Popper has become quite the internet star because of her pimple popping, blackhead extractions, and cyst popping videos. People just love to watch other people get nasty stuff squeezed out of their skin.

She made the channel to provide people with a look into the life of a dermatologist and what goes on in her day to day job. The popping videos in particular became really popular and now she has 1,360,582 subscribers on youtube! Her channel has a bunch of different skin care videos.

There are videos to educate people about skin care such as ‘How to Wash Your Face’ and ‘Treating Spider Veins’ so the real life doctor does a lot more then squeeze out unwanted stuff from people’s faces, those videos just happen to be the most popular.

Just the other day Dr. Sandra Lee released a ‘Dr. Pimple Popper Softpop Medley.’ It is a video montage on her youtube channel of various patients getting their skin cleaned up by the amazing dermatologist. It is not as graphic as some of her videos, but it is so so satisfying to watch.

Youtube user commented on the video ‘Love a good chunkie nose! I catch myself holding my breath when something starts to come out and then I exhale when it’s all out. Weird.’

If you enjoy this videos and prefer some more dramatic ones just go to Dr. Sandra Lee’s page and she has a plethora of videos, ones that can be likened to explosions!

And if these videos make you feel sick but you want to get some great tips on skincare from an expert, she has videos for that on her page as well. Something for everyone!

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