When She Complains Of Constant Eye Slime, Doctors Discover The Cause

87332-smallv2-409581Life will always find a way to throw you a curveball you never would have expected, and it’s even worse when you’re watching it happen to someone you care about. This four-year-old girl complained to her mother that her eyes were bothering her, eventually going so far as to state they felt “slimy.” The mother had no idea what it could have been and eventually ended up taking the young girl to the doctors office, this was five days after the girl first began complaining. When the doctors took a look they discovered something absolutely horrifying; a bunch of lice had decided to make their home right in her eyelashes!

The little girl probably wouldn’t have been taken in at all had her eyes not begun to swell up and turn red, they even had her wash her eyes out a few times thinking it was just some dirt or something minor. If your children are telling you something is wrong you may want to take a few minutes out of your day to really check and see what it’s all about.

After being checked in hospital, the doctor found and removed nine lice and 20 eggs on her eyelashes.You’ll never know if an issue is more serious than it seems unless you yourself are a doctor, and a quick hospital visit could end up saving you a lot of grief in the future.

Out of all the things I never knew I was afraid of happening this is right up there with the time I learned about aneurysms. An aneurysm can kill you in your sleep out of nowhere, but could you imagine waking up to lice living in your eyes? Fortunately the doctors managed to remove all the pests and steps were taken to ensure it stayed that way, but what a horrible week that must have been…

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