He cured himself of periodontal disease: A man shared his experience and recipes with us


Periodontitis disease

If you don’t know what periodontitis is, it is a disease that causes damage to the tooth-bone, gums and other structures surrounding the teeth. Periodontitis is considered a serious tooth disease, which often starts as a gum-inflammation (gingivitis) and can lead to teeth loss.

The fortunate news is that periodontitis is completely curable, if treated patiently and regularly with the right medicines. Today we offer you the testimonial of a German man who successfully treated his periodontitis and was kind enough to share his experience with the world.

“I successfully cured my periodontitis all by myself, and I want to share my method with anyone who needs it. Even my personal dentist was stunned that I achieved so much without any help from professionals. What I used is an ingredient that is cheap, easily found and completely natural – lemon juice.

For the past half a year, I have been continuously drinking lemon juice with water, sometimes even up to 4 lemons a day. However, I didn’t gargle the juice or apply it by hand – I only drank it. The reason I did this was because I knew that lemon juice restores the alkalinity in your body, even if it’s very acidic.

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Periodontitis is caused by bacteria that don’t like alkaline environments. When you drink lemon juice, the bacteria start backing out and periodontitis begins to withdraw. The inflammation disappears and your gums become healthier and softer. If you still have doubts, trust me when I say you shouldn’t. This treatment is really effective!”

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