Curious What It’s Like To Be In A Coma? These People Share Their Stories

Have you ever wondered what it would be like to be in a coma? Is it just like sleep, or do you dream? Can you hear the people in the hospital room? Recently, Reddit users shared their own coma stories. Some of these are surprising.

Crazy Dreams


User TheAnswer2016 was put into a medically induced coma for two weeks after an accident. He didn’t remember anything from the actual coma, but he had super-crazy dreams for a solid month in the hospital after he woke up.

The Blender


HAL9000000’s crazy dreams happened during the coma. While he was out, he went through several surgeries, including an open-heart surgery. During that time, he had vivid dreams about being placed in a life-size blender and torn to pieces, only to reform and have it happen all over again.



When MrEconomics was in a coma, he remembered almost nothing. The only thing he could recall was hearing his mom’s voice at his bedside. He even remembered the stories she told. Later in life, when she was dying, he did the same for her in the hopes that he could hear his love in her last moments.


An Instant


One second, livile is in his friend’s car. The next second he’s waking up in a hospital bed a few days later. It was like it happened in an instant and he remembered nothing from the actual coma.



While darkboyutz’s coma felt just like being asleep, the biggest thing was how thirsty he was when he woke up. He’d only been in a coma for two days, but it felt like he hadn’t drank any water in years.

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Brand New


Unarmedkingofhearts had no memory of the actual coma, but he did feel amazing when he woke up. “I felt like my body was brand new, sort of like a baby might. It was a feeling I had never had before nor will likely again.”


For TacosArePeopleToo, the coma seemed uneventful. That is, until he heard how he acted during it. Apparently he woke up a few times, briefly, during the coma. Any time he did, he’d start tearing at the tubes connecting him to the machines and swinging punches at nurses and doctors. He doesn’t remember any of it.

Empty Memory


Not only does mahade not remember anything from the coma, he also doesn’t remember a lot of what happened after he woke up. The first four weeks in the hospital after the coma is a blur. He’s even seen pictures of him in the hospital bed or standing in the room, smiling for the camera, and doesn’t remember it.



Nicksjsjsjsj got in a very bad car accident that left him in a coma for almost six months. But to him, no time passed between the accident and waking up in the hospital. It felt like he’d teleported there, so it was incredibly disorienting when he was suddenly in a hospital surrounded by nurses, doctors and family. And in that instant, he also went from clean-shaven to fully bearded.

The Past Life


Zzeeaa’s dad was in and out of a coma for 18 months. In that time, he had a very vivid, long and detailed dream that he was a watchmaker living in an 18th century Chinese fishing village. He now thinks that he was reliving a past life.

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