He had a cyst on his back removed but it grew back. What happens when doctors stab it? (VIDEO)

Doctor Sandra Lee, otherwise known as Dr. Pimple Popper, is an well known doctor who’s work is admired by pimple popping fanatics around the world, and should not be viewed by the weak stomached. She captures many of her procedures, primarily blackhead and cyst removals, on video and posts them on YouTube for her hundreds of thousands of admirers. Her most recent video, posted February 16th, 2016, has already received over 633,000 views.

The eleven minute long video depicts Doctor Sandra Lee using her precise scalpel skills to remove an epidermoid cyst from the upper left portion of a man’s back. She notes in the beginning of the video that the contents of the cyst are very dark, and that this dark consistency is a characteristic typically associated with people of darker skin tones.

The cyst is larger than most cysts she removes, measuring at about an inch and a half in diameter, approximately the size of a golf ball.

She begins the procedure by using a marker to make a ring of dots around the perimeter of the cyst. Next she begins squeezing the cyst from different angles, resulting in a clear liquid spewing from the highest point of it. Once the liquid ceases to come out, she cuts into it with her scalpel with difficulty.

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