He had a cyst on his back removed but it grew back. What happens when doctors stab it? (VIDEO)

After about ten seconds the cyst surrenders to her blade and white pus pours out of of the, now, open wound. The pus is accompanied by more clear liquid; this time she makes note that the liquid has a more water like consistency than the liquid she squeezed out. After this liquid is drained, the dark contents of the cyst are revealed.

The doctor numbs the wound and begins the five minute process of removing the dark, tea bag looking sack. At this point she informs the patient that she must remove the entire cyst in order to prevent it from returning.

Once the sack is entirely removed, she begins cleaning the wound. She uses a syringe with water to flush out the wound in its entirety. The wound is washed thoroughly and then stitched up. The video concludes with Doctor Sandra Lee bandaging her patient after a successful cyst removal.

Watch the video:

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