The most disgusting ingrown toenails gets surgery

Warning! Gross medical images!
Once I got an infected toenail from a not-so-hygienic nail salon in NYC. It was extremely painful to walk or to even put the lightest pressure on it. I had to go to an urgent care, have part of my toenail permanently removed and missed a week of work. But my experience was nothing like this person’s. Six infections on three different toes is some spectacular hygiene neglect.


Slice and Dice

After tying off the toes with a rubber band to minimize bleeding, the doctor uses a scalpel to cut a long and deep incision on the sides of the nails and flesh.



Then using forceps, the professional removes the side of the nail along with the exposed and infected flesh. You can see how the purple color immediately disappeared.


Two Piggies Down

This is what the second and third toes look like when fixed. Amazingly almost normal! Hopefully this person will keep the wounds cleaned and uncovered


Yas, queen. The king we’ve been waiting for! This not-so-little piggy is the worst of the lot. Of course they saved it for last.
There are things you can do to prevent this happening to you: don’t trim your toenails too short, especially on the sides, don’t wear tight shoes and properly wash your feet.


The doctor removes a LARGE bit of flesh off the big toe. It takes awhile to get it loose. If you’ve ever had an infection, you know how brutally painful it can be. They must have used a ton of painkillers on the patient.

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All stitched up and ready to go. Once the painkillers wear off the patient is going to be in even more pain and it can take up to a week to heal if properly cared for.
Tough Enough to Watch?