Doctor pops plum-sized cyst over woman’s breast (VIDEO)

A woman suffered from a red and congested cyst on her breast which grew to a maximum level. She seeked for the treatment, and Dr Sandra Lee helped her to get rid of that cyst. She founds a yellow discharge from it and treated the affected area.

Woman’s cyst grew even bigger than before

The woman was already consuming antibiotics to cure and shrink the cyst that occurred on her chest. But she wasn’t relieved by that and the cyst grew even bigger.

Treatment by dermatologist Dr. Sandra Lee

This anonymous woman got her right treatment done by Californian dermatologist Dr. Sandra Lee who is also known by the name “Dr. Pimple Popper”.

PLUM-sized cyst

Dr. Lee noticed that the blister took the shape and size of a Plum, red inflamed and painful.

Anesthesia before cutting cyst

Dr. Lee started with giving the woman anesthesia so that the woman doesn’t feel any pain.

Incision with the use of a scalpel

After injecting anesthesia, she made an incision and tried to squeeze out the yellowish pus. Later she took a cotton swab and soaked it in the liquid taking up the bacterial culture.

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