Doctor pops plum-sized cyst over woman’s breast (VIDEO)

Squeezing was still in process

Dr. Lee continued to squeeze the mound until the whole of the yellow liquid sprays out. With every pinch, a larger amount of gunk percolated out.

Pressing of cyst till the blood flows out

Dr. Lee poked the cyst, injecting more of anesthesia to numb the pain and continued to press the cyst even harder such that dead skin and sebum came out.

Last stage of treatment

When Dr. Lee found out no more liquid to be oozed out and now the blood started flowing, there she understood that the cyst is empty. She prescribed few medicines including antibiotics to heal the wound and asked the woman to visit once back after few days.

Dr. Lee started filming her treatment videos

Dr. Lee works at Skin Physicians & Surgeons, and has started recording her treatment and gets them uploaded on YouTube and Instagram. She thinks that it is the best idea to encourage most of such affected people to get rid of their cysts or blisters.


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