What Doctors Pulled Out From This Woman’s Lip Is Just Unbelievable (Video)

This is the most stomach-churning thing you will see today. Let us see what this young woman had in her lips.
She had a fat lip and thought it to be normal. However, there was something in her mouth she won’t ever imagine – a maggot. She carried it in her lip for very long time and had no idea about it. A doctor told her about it. What happened next is that the doctors tried to pull out the larvae out, using tweezers and catching the tip of the larvae initially. The maggot was deeply buried inside her lips. The doctor tried wiggling his instrument in order to pull the larvae out easily. It went grosser during the whole procedure. The maggot looked disgusting. We really have no idea how did it enter there.

However, she was able to get rid of it. It is not a shock that her lip got that swollen.
Watch the video and check the size.

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