Dr Pimple Popper hits rock bottom: Giant cyst on a man’s BACKSIDE is drained in gruesome detail so that he can sit down for the first time in at least 2 weeks (VIDEO)

Spotting-popping expert Dr Pimple Popper is back with yet another gruesome video. This time she is draining a patient’s rather painful looking cyst on his bottom – sharing it in all its gory detail on her YouTube channel.

In the stomach-churning video Dr Sandra Lee demonstrates how she cuts and drains the quarter-sized cyst, before sewing the wound back up.

The patient reveals to the California-based dermatologist that a previous doctor had biopsied the cyst with a punch tool and hadn’t removed it and then left it to drain.

The large cyst was in a rather intimate area

Dr Lee then reveals the patient has been too scared to sit down in case the sac filled with pus accidentally burst. She starts off by making a small cut on the cyst and after a gentle push yellow liquid comes pouring out.

As she carries on with the procedure the liquid gets thicker as a huge stream of puss comes out. The cyst eventually clear after Dr Lee has filled an entire surgical bowl with blood and puss.

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