Draining This Massive Cyst Was Challenging

After 20 years of carrying a sebaceous cyst on my back, I un-affectionately named it “George.” A cyst is always a HORRIBLE and painful thing to have on your body, but it’s time to run to the doctor once it becomes infected. Don’t you just love a good draining?

Luckily, Dr. Geoff Butler knew exactly how to handle the inflamed cyst. He starts by cutting a horizontal line incision to open this baby up! The patient says the cyst had been there for 25 years, and became infected only two weeks ago.
And just like a volcano, it begins to erupt. Thank goodness for anesthesia, because this looks awfully painful! What’s even more shocking than what we witnessed, is that this lady had a giant bump on her back for 25 years with no problem!

WATCH IT !!       Warning: graphic content !!

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