Drunk man who stuck two live fish into his anus is forced to undergo surgery after one of them swam into his ABDOMEN

A man in China who was inebriated stuck two live fishes up his and then had to be rushed to the hospital when one of the fishes swam up to his intestines. The doctors have now removed the fishes from his body but he still remains in the intensive care unit.

The doctors were baffled when he was brought to the hospital, they said this was something they had never seen before in their medical career. According to the reports, the patient is a 45 years old man who was heavily drunk and had put the fish inside himself.

The following day he rushed to The First Affiliated Hospital of Jinan University with signs of a high fever, low blood pressure and severe stomach pain. As the two loaches had stayed in the patient’s body for over 24 hours, surgeons did an abdominal digital radiography to locate the loaches.

The patient was diagnosed with perforation of the intestine and was at risk of septic shock due to infection. Doctors successfully removed the loaches that one measuring six inches long. However they could not locate the second pond loach in his intestines but identifies a wound on the intestinal wall.

The second fish could not be removed as it was stuck in the upper left section of his abdomen that is why he is still being kept in Intensive Care Unit.

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