Dude Pops Massive Pimple All Over His Friends By Mistake

Whether it’s a boil, sebaceous cyst, ingrown hair, or just a big ol’ spot–the countless clips of pus oozing out of every orifice on the human body just doesn’t seem to gross the internet–at least not enough to make this fad stop.

However this video is different, as it’s not the explosion that’s most sickening, but the immediate aftermath.


The video begins with a few friends standing around a shirtless man who bends over a sink. The spot can be seen instantly: a red prominent lump situated just below a mound of hair.

A man puts his finger in the red spot and moves it around until a hot jet of brownish and gooey pus shoots out. But wait, that’s not the worst part!

You won’t believe where that gooey stuff goes. Oh yes, directly into the face of the guy who’s filming the whole thing!

Not only does it hit the guys face, but it pus completely drenches his phone.

Poor guy! And you thought your day was going bad…

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