Girl suffering headaches for two years has giant tapeworm cyst removed by doctors (VIDEO)

A 12-year-old girl has had a tapeworm cyst half the size of her brain removed from her head believed to be the largest in medical history.

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Nita Juggi, from Gujarat in central India, had been suffering from seizures, headaches and weakness for more than two years and over the last 12 months she was even experiencing paralysis down the right hand side of her body.

Her father Kishor Parbat Jogi, 45, a farmer, had taken his daughter to see many doctors but Nita’s condition failed to improve.

He said: “We took her to many doctors but none of them could understand neurosurgery I guess.

“I think we were seeing the wrong kind of doctors. Her health was just getting worse day by day and we were helpless.”

The enormous cyst weighed 675 grams when measured by doctors (Photo: Cover Asia Press)

Eventually Kishor, who has three other children with his wife Sarla, 40, took his daughter to meet Dr Chirag Solanki, a consultant neuro and spine surgeon, at Sterling Hospital in Gujarat, central India, two months ago.

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