The Healing Process Of A Shark Bite Can Be Worse Than The Actual Bite


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While there’s something undeniably spiritual about surfing, riding waves and experiencing the vast power of the ocean, there are also a number of risks that come with water sport, including:

  • Drowning
  • Waves
  • Riptides
  • The Sea Bed

However, the major risk that many associate with surfing is marine life, particularly sharks. The thought of being attacked by one of these underwater predators tops the list of most people’s greatest fears.

One surfer’s foot fell victim to a shark’s razor sharp teeth and he shared a rare visual of the healing process post-bite. Here’s the aftermath of a shark bite that looks even more grueling than the initial bloodshed. 

Redditor, swagboss, was surfing at Vilano Beach in Florida during the late afternoon when he was suddenly attacked. The shark bit into his foot dangling from his shortboard, which prompted him to frantically paddle over 100 yards back to shore.
Bite 1Imugr / swagboss93

The shark was quick to splash back into the water and he never got a full visual, but experts determined that the shark was a 5-6 foot blacktip from the radius of the teeth marks.

Swagboss kept the Reddit surfing community updated on his injury by posting a series of pictures showing the healing progression of the bite.

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Turns out, the aftermath of this bite was more grisly than the actual attack. This picture was taken ten days after the incident.
bite4Imugr / swagboss93

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