Teen’s Dad Dies Suddenly, Then She Wakes Up To Find Strange Red Spots Covering Her Body

skin3At the age of 13, a little girl from England lost her beloved father. Giorgia Lanuzza’s dad was tragically killed in a road accident during the most formidable time in her life.

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In the wake of her father’s death, Giorgia noticed changes in her skin that didn’t fall under the category of normal pre-teen puberty. In the midst of her stress and grief, red itchy spots formed on her skin.

Over time, Giorgia’s condition worsened to the point that 97 percent of her skin was covered in itchy red bumps and lumps.

Giorgia was medically diagnosed with a severe case of psoriasis. Non-curable and unpredictable, psoriasis is an irritating and unrelenting skin disorder that occurs when skin cells multiply up to 10 times faster than normal. Psoriasis can occur everywhere on the skin, from the elbows and knees to the torso and scalp.

Throughout her teenage years, Giorgia was the victim of cruel taunting and bullying. Strangers stared at her in public and classmates teased her. Giorgia says she felt like a “freak” and boyfriends avoided touching her because they worried her condition was contagious. (Psoriasis cannot be passed from one person to another.) Bouts of stress and anxiety would only lead to flare-ups.

Now a25-year-old photographer, Giorgia has spent 11 years with psoriasis — but after years of feeling ashamed about her “ugly” skin, Giorgia has come to accept and feel pride in her body. She wants to encourage other women to feel the same.

Giorgia currently documents her skin condition and models for a brand of psoriasis cream.

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“We have to change the way ‘Different’ is viewed! I hope you can all help me in this mission to change how beauty is perceived,” she writes on Facebook.

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