Horrific Infected Tattoo Leakage Is Too Nasty For Words

This is the truly revolting video showing a river of brown pus erupting from a man’s infected tattoo.

The clip begins showing a Mexican man lying face down on a bed, his entire back covered in an intricate black design.

Half of his back is red and inflamed, and he has a wound from which his friends drags out stringy pieces of a burst cyst with nail clippers.

After pulling and pulling, the infected ‘plug’ is removed – and what happens next is certainly not for the squeamish.

A never-ending river of brown, murky pus sprays out from the wound, pooling on the man’s back.

As more and more fluid flows out, his companion tries to mop it up with a towel, which soon becomes completely soaked.


The gruesome video has been viewed almost 18,000 times since it was uploaded to Liveleak yesterday.

Ricky Patrick Vasquez, who uploaded the video, said the tattoo became infected because cheap ink was used.

During the film, as the man’s friend drags out pieces of foul stringy cyst with nail clippers, bizarrely, he lays them on his friend’s arm.

After litres of pus flows out of the wound, the friend has to run to another room for a towel to collect all the liquid.

The horrific video ends showing the vile pieces of pus laid out on the man’s arm, which resemble worms.

Dr Arun Ghosh, a private GP in Liverpool, Wirral and Chester, has previously MailOnline infected cysts can occur as a result of an infected tattoo needle, but can also occur naturally, if sweat ducts in the back become blocked and infected.

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He said overweight people are more prone to cysts, as are those who sit down for long periods of time.

‘They’re very common among lorry drivers,’ he said.

They can also be caused by wearing clothes that don’t allow the skin on the back to breathe, he added.

Having a tattoo can also cause one to appear.

‘It could be that the tattoo needle pierced the skin and introduced bacteria into the abscess, causing it to become infected,’ he suggested.

‘Or the tattoo artist has overworked the area with a needle. This leaves the pores wide open and sweat can clog them up, forming a cyst.’

He urged people considering getting a tattoo to do so from a reputable vendor who sterilises their equipment.

However, he added these cysts can often appear after a person has been inked, through no fault of the tattoo artist.

‘People go to the gym, or sweat, and a cyst forms. Aftercare is important too,’ he said.