Kate From ‘Australian Survivor’ Had A Huge Boil In Armpit (Surgery Video)

You should know when you should be worried. But Kate, a contestant from Australian survivor, doesn’t seem to be abe to grasp onto the concept. She had a humongous boil in her armpit, which proceeded to be infected, but she didn’t bat an eye.
But when the show was aired, and people showed their concern, a doctor was called in to take care of the infectious boil, and following that an unedited video of the procedure was released for the people who love to watch disgusting stuff. And here it is! Check it out!
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Kate, a contestant on Australian survivor, had an infected boil under her armpit, but she doesn’t seem to care! After all, she just thought of it like a big pimple or whatever!
Viewers didn’t like what they saw!


But for people who love grossness, here’s a little something!

The video shows the doctor extracting pus with the help of the syringe,and is absolutely unedited! The doctor did everything possible to deal with the infection but no anesthesia was used during the surgery! Daring or what?

Kate admitted that she felt every scrape of the scalpel during the surgery.
Now check out this hilarious reaction video!

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