It Looks Like He’s Pulling String Cheese Out Of His Elbow Cyst, And That Leads To A Gush Of Pus

People, if you’re staring down at a massive cyst on your calf and your first instinct is to pull out a razor blade to pop it yourself you may want to reconsider. The man in the video below found himself battling just that, but instead of seeking help from a doctor or a dermatologist he decided just to pop it over the trash can at home! The video doesn’t show what he used to create the initial pop, but by the time they start recording there’s already an insanely large hole on his leg. With a pair of tweezers he grabs at the solid portion and begins to pull, and that’s when you get the feeling his leg produced string cheese. After that… well, we’ll just say there’s no amount of bleach in the world that can erase the image.


Skip to the 2:30 mark in the video if you really feel like losing your lunch, that’s the moment he manages to pull off a large chunk of the solidified gunk from the cyst only to watch the sewage drain in his leg unclog and pour out. It’s not really a sewage drain, but the color and chunky consistency of everything coming out definitely gives it that appearance.


That much poured out of the wound by the end of the video and it still wasn’t even done draining! It makes me wonder how much different of an experience that would have been had the guy decided to squeeze it a little… Either way you can tell this isn’t the type of bump that should be popped at home without the supervision of a medical professional, so don’t be this guy and just go get it looked at! There’s no telling whether this guy managed to fully clean out the cyst by the time he was finished but at the very least that should be an insane amount of pressure released.

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Can you watch the video now?!