Man gets massive 30-year-old cyst squeezed and it’s very disturbing (VIDEO)

There is absolutely no shortage of pimple popping videos on the Internet. If the corresponding view counts tell us anything, it’s that the bigger the burst of pus, the better! One Canadian man had a cyst growing on his back for 30 years and the final squeeze makes this video a solid bookmark for fans of a good pop.

An unidentified man from Kelowna, Canada, had what appears to be a lipoma growing on his upper back. The benign growth of fat cells had managed to get to the size of a ping pong ball after being medically neglected for 30 years.

The video shows the man with fists clenched as he kneels over and prepares to finally expel this lump of aged goop. After a small incision is made, the rubber gloved popper carefully squeezes the cyst, prompting a symphony of shrieks and gags from disturbed onlookers.

The 30-year-old cyst certainly does not disappoint with its long awaited discharge, looking like a tube of expired toothpaste being squeezed clean. “That could gag a maggot,” one of the bystanders says in complete repulsion just before the popper shows the man what has been residing on his back for the past three decades.

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