Man uses diy knife to cut out huge cyst in stomach-churching clip (VIDEO)

The man used household tools to tear open his arm and then squeezed out a white build-up of gunk in a sickening video. Horrific footage of a man cutting out a giant inflamed cyst using a DIY knife has left viewers squirming.

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The man slices into the inflammation in the disgusting video, which was posted to YouTube on Friday, as a friend holds up kitchen roll.

The lad squeezes the swelling until a mountain of pus oozes out of his left arm, leaving his pal behind the camera gagging.

“Oh there it went,” the self-operating man from the US says.

A man used a retractable DIY knife to slash his arm open (Photo: Youtube/Viral Hog)

But his friend eggs him on and the bloke continues to force the gunge out of his limb.

“Oh go on, squeeze it out. Squeeze that sh** out of there. I can’t look now. Let’s keep going,” the man adds.

“It looks like ricotta cheese.”

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