Man walks into hospital with giant knife sticking out of his head

679Uber driver Clever Campos, 28, shocked patients and staff at a hospital in Peru when he walked into the hospital with a knife sticking out from the back of his head. He was apparently attacked after he broke into an argument with another man, who has since been arrested.

Campos was seen watching the street after the attack dazed, with the enormous knife sticking out of his head. He was noticed by stunned locals in Iquitos, northern Peru who called the emergency services. He was quickly taken to the Loreto Regional Hospital.

Amazingly, Campos was conscious the whole time and even walked to the emergency room, sat on a wheelchair himself before he was taken away by nurses for treatment. He was taken in for a gruelling surgery that lasted four hours.

Astonishingly he was conscious even during the four-hour long surgery, shocking even the doctors present in the operation theatre. Doctors were able to surgically remove the large knife and Campos has since been under intensive care, not completely out of danger yet.

Henry Saldana, 30, was arrested as a prime suspect of the crime and he allegedly admitted to stabbing Campos after questioning by the police. Henry thought Campos had stolen his bike which led to the argument and the eventual knife attack.

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