New Dr. Pimple Popper Video Shows Off Her Biggest Pop Yet

Dr. Sandra Lee is the hero no one asked for, except for the people who get a sense of satisfaction from watching pimples pop. If you google, ‘why do people enjoy watching videos of pimples popping?’ you’ll find more than a few answers brought to you by science. Some say that that it’s because there are people who enjoy being disgusted, the same way some people rubberneck car crashes even though there might be blood everywhere. No matter what the real reason is, it’s still pretty weird.

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In one of her most viewed Youtube videos (with over 5 million views as of today), Dr. Sandra brings pimple-popping lovers one of her biggest lipomas yet. She explains that a lipoma is a benign growth of fat cells contained in a thin, fibrous capsule right under the skin. This type of lump is not cancerous, but when it reaches a certain size patients might seek to remove it because it feels uncomfortable or because it looks weird.

That was the case for the woman Dr. Lee treated in her video, whose arm looked like it had a giant bulging bicep. In the video, Dr. Lee introduces her excited audience to Stacey from Alaska and explains that she flew directly to California just to see the pimple-popping whiz. In the video description, Dr Lee talks about how brave Stacey was during the procedure, and how calm she remained throughout the whole thing.

Typically, Dr. Lee’s patients stay awake during the procedure since most only require local anaesthesia to have their pimples popped. There’s a delicate way of dealing with patients who remain awake, Dr. Lee explains. ‘I almost always include the patient in my conversation, never say ‘oops’ or express surprise or shock, and this is very important to me because it keeps the patient calm and they understand what’s going on and feel included.’
She goes on to explain that she discourages her patients from watching the procedure as it takes place, and offers them to watch the video after. She says she does this because of the possibility that the patient might not be able to handle the sight of the scalpel and the blood. Stacey from Alaska, however, enjoyed having the raw chicken breast-looking lump out of her arm.
The video shows Dr. Lee slicing open the patient’s arm and walking the viewers through the operations. It’s easy to dismiss her audience as weird, but there’s an educational side to her video for those dermatologists who want to see if they can handle the work before they do it.
We’re glad Dr. Lee can bring so much joy to millions of people who like the sight of pimples popping, but can’t find high quality videos of professionals doing it on Youtube.

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