Nurse asks him to hold his breath and pulls this out, try not to scream


If you thought you’ve experienced a stuffy nose, just wait until you see what Dr. Dumas pulls out from his patient’s nostrils. This cringe-inducing video shows a nose packing removal that will make you question how this giant gauze ever got there in the first place.

Nasal packing is commonly used to control bleeding and provide support to the septum, particularly after any type of nasal surgery. The gauze has also been used to treat chronic nosebleeds as they have the ability to hold 25 times their initial weight.


The patient in this video was ready to get his nasal packs removed, but even he didn’t realize just how much would be coming out. The footage shows the doctor carefully pulling out the packing by slowly tugging the the stitching at the end of the nose.

As the patient squirms in discomfort, the gauze takes a horrifyingly long time to be fully pulled out. As one YouTuber commented, the packing looked more like “long, thick, gunky bloody slugs.”

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