Overweight Mom And Daughter Look Unrecognizable After 100 Days Of Changing Their Habits Together

unnamedMeet Cheryl Shaw, a 50-year old single mom of two kids. She regularly works 12-hour shifts in the ER. Tessa is her 17-year old daughter. Cheryl and Tessa live in New Jersey and have both struggled with their weight.

One day, they saw a viral video documenting a woman’s weight loss and workout. Feeling inspired, Cheryl and Tessa decided to team up and take the “Giveit100″ challenge together. They dedicated themselves to spending 100 days at the gym and eating right.

When they started the challenge, Mom weighed 256 pounds and Tessa weighed 181 pounds. “I’m a single mom and they depend on me…I’m all they have,” Cheryl admitted in the beginning of this video. “I’m definitely an emotional eater, and my daughter takes after me. We’re sick of looking like this, and it’s time to get the weight off and work hard.”

This isn’t the first time we’ve seen the impact of body image issues. One woman named Joey made headlinesafter she was bullied in a grocery store about her weight, then posted a powerful response online.

After 100 days, Cheryl lost 42 pounds and Tessa lost 32. Cheryl told LittleThings that she and Tessa have both lost even more weight since they made this video. Cheryl went from 186 to 135 pounds, and Tessa went from 256 to 149 pounds.

Their transformation is so drastic. What a wonderful relationship between mother and daughter.

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