The pain in his neck became unbearable, so he pops this 10-year-old pimple (VIDEO)

Skin is very finicky, and anyone who’s had to live with skin issues really know this to true. Not a lot of people have had a ten year old pimple, but it is just one of the gross weird things that can happen under our dermis. This guy tackled his ten year old problem on his own.

Usually with popping videos where the pimple or cyst is on the back or neck, there is someone else there to do the popping to help the poor person suffering from the pimple/ cyst. This guy could not wait any longer though because the pain got to be too much and took matters into her own hands.

He had been living with it on the back of his neck already for ten years, with it slowly growing and becoming more and more of a nuisance. The pain in his neck got to be too much, just imagine how much a regular old people that is stuck under the skin hurts.

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