Pregnant Woman Goes For Ultrasound When Doctor Sees Another Baby Who Wasn’t There 10 Days Ago

After struggling to conceive in the face of polycystic ovarian syndrome, Kate Hill and her husband, Peter, turned to hormone treatment… and it worked.

Kate and Peter were ecstatic to learn they were expecting twins. However, they were heartbroken when one of the twins did not properly develop.

Just 10 days later, Kate received unbelievable news: she had conceived a second time while pregnant with her surviving twin daughter!

This was such a rare and unfamiliar type of conception that Kate’s doctor had never seen anything like it before. In fact, he could barely find any medical literature on the fascinating phenomenon.

Scroll down to see how Kate’s miracle pregnancy unfolded in the year to come, which took even moresurprising turns…


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It’s widely know that once a woman gets pregnant, she won’t ovulate again until after her baby is born.

However, you’re about to meet a mother who’s a rare exception to the rule.

Kate and Peter Hill of Brisbane, Australia, had a difficult time conceiving naturally.

In 2006, Kate was diagnosed with polycystic ovarian syndrome, an endocrine system disorder that made it impossible for Kate to get pregnant.


After undergoing hormone treatment to help facilitate a pregnancy, Kate learned she was pregnant with twins.

Sadly, one of the babies did not develop.

Still, Kate and Peter couldn’t wait to meet the miracle baby girl who survived in the womb.


10 days later, things took a shocking turn.

Kate learned she conceived again while pregnant with her daughter!

The second baby was also a little girl.


It’s called “superfetation,” and it’s an extremely rare phenomenon that means Kate got pregnant while she was already pregnant.

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According to Wikipedia, superfetation “manifests as the formation of an embryo from a different estrous cycle while another embryo or fetus is already present in the uterus.”

Kate’s obstetrician, Dr. Brad Armstrong of Greenslopes Private Hospital in Australia, was baffled. In all his years of practicing medicine, he had never seen a case of superfetation before.


Since there are only 10 documented cases of superfetation in the world, Dr. Armstrong scoured medical books and literature about it.

With little to no luck, he was forced to turn to Google.k61-600x347

If that’s not unbelievable enough, doctors were also shocked to discover that Kate and Peter conceived both babies from that one instance of intercourse.

Peter’s sperm stayed alive for 10 days in order to fertilize the second egg.


Two days before their scheduled C-section, Charlotte and Olivia Hill were born together.

The girls varied in size and weight.

Now 10 months old, Charlotte and Olivia are happy and healthy girls who are now hailed a double miracle.