Removing an infected cyst because of the unbearable pain in his mid-back (VIDEO)

WARNING: GRAPHIC IMAGES. If you’ve just had your dinner then avoid watching this video and you certainly won’t want to eat after you’ve seen it.

Cyst is nothing but a small abnormal growth on the skin that takes the shape of blister or pimple. In this post you can see the incision and drainage of an infected cyst with packing. The packing could certainly be optional, in most cases, as studies show it isn’t necessary. In this video Dr. Geoff Butler use it, in cases like these, where is worried about loculations and the anesthesia isn’t great (because the field is infected) so breaking them down becomes problematic for the patient.

Dr. Geoff Butler explained that “It is worth noting that around the 4-5min point the patient describes ‘feeling’ me working and I should have addressed that more properly. I can explain, for a variety of reasons, why I know she was having more pressure than anything else, but it really doesn’t matter. She was apprehensive and I should have focused on that better. There is always something to learn, even for me“.

The process of popping it must of been very painful as well, but it paid off in the long run because he did finally manage to get it to pop and all the puss and juices to come outside and relieve the pressure that had been building up against his skin for so long.

For more watch the video below:

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