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In order to maintain a good, steady supply of up-to-date research we are keen for medical journals, institutions, associations and universities to send their media releases in to our editorial team.

Article submission guidelines:

Please include your contact information
a) Your name, company/institution and position
b) Your e-mail address, telephone number and other relevant contact details

Please ensure that details of any funding sources for the study/research are included within the media release.

If your study has been reviewed, or peer-reviewed, we ask that the reviewers declare any competing interests related to the content of the study.

We can accept Word documents (.doc), text files (.txt), or PDF documents (.pdf) as e-mail attachments. Alternatively you may paste the whole text of the media release directly into your e-mail.

Please send your media release to [email protected]

How quickly we respond

Due to the number of press releases we receive, we are unable to guarantee acknowledgement for receipt of your submission. However, if we choose to publish your article, or decide to use it as the basis of a daily feature (written by our editorial team), we will contact you within 2 working days. For this reason, please ensure your contact details are correct with your submission.

If you have any additional questions, please e-mail our editorial team at [email protected]

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