Terrifying, doctors never believed what she had inside her, till he saw the X-ray.

You may have heard of many weird cases whether it be of tick removal or cyst removal case. But, this one may really shock you. A patient carrying a GPS tracking system within herself, yes it is hell shocking. And doctor could not believe the patient when she mentioned that a GPS was implanted into her. For further investigation, he x-rayed the woman and found something unbelievable.

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Scroll further to know more about it. And, you will realize the truth behind the GPS. As the actual case was of trafficking.

What is GPS tracking device?

Before moving further, let me tell you what a GPS system does. A GPS system is a device that uses Global Positioning System to discover and track the precise location of a particular place.

Doctor found GPS device in a patient

An anonymous doctor recently found out a patient who insisted that there was a GPS tracking device fitted inside her. The doctor thought her to be like other patients that have psychiatric issues or mental illness.

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