She was bullied her entire life because of her teeth, but nobody recognized her after the surgery (VIDEO)

It’s a classic, but cliched, American joke that all Brits have bad teeth. If you are a fan of Mike Myers’s Austin Powers movies, you’ve undoubtedly had hours of laughs at his wild and wonky chompers.

But in one particular case, a British woman’s dental disarray is no laughing matter. When you learn how her gnashers came to be so gnarly, you’ll gasp. And when you hear what people had to say her in response to her story, you won’t believe your ears. Check out the video to see how one woman’s attempt to regain her dignity fell despairingly flat.

She’s known in Britain as “tooth lady.” Gemma Swift was a guest on the Jeremy Kyle Show (a kind of British Jerry Springer) early last year to plead with her boyfriend’s ex girlfriend to stop harassing her. Gemma had experienced a traumatic injury as a child, one that left her with unsightly front teeth. She had experienced teasing and torment her whole life, but had finally found someone who loved her for the person she is.

But then the rush of pain and humiliation all came back when her boyfriend’s ex girlfriend started harassing her. Hoping to put a stop to this woman’s hurtful actions, she went on the Jeremy Kyle Show to plead with her for mercy.

But it turns out that her boyfriend’s ex girlfriend wasn’t doling out the worst of it. Once viewers got an eyeful of her teeth, they let loose on popular social media site Twitter, being just as nasty as one could imagine.

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Here are just a couple of the hurtful tweets:

“This girls grill on Jeremy Kyle is on another level! She could eat an apple through a cheese grater #horsehead”

“Think Jeremy Kyle needs to stop wasting money on Lie detectors and Invest in getting a dentist for the show.”

Well, Jeremy Kyle took that last insult seriously. His show paid for Gemma Swift to have dental cosmetic surgery, to the tune of £10,000 a transformation.

And this week, she reappeared on the program to show off her new set of teeth.

The audience couldn’t believe their eyes when she walked onto the stage with shiny hair and sparkling dentures. Gemma finally got her chance to show people just how beautiful she could be.

But it didn’t go the way she expected. The Twitter trolls trounced again, mocking and ridiculing her.

“She’s still ugly, just that now you concentrate more on her face. Carry on and she might get plastic surgery. # jeremykyle”

“# jeremykyle they still awful. Take them out ffs.”

At least one person suggested they lay off: “Maybe instead of slagging her teeth off people should get a life and move on? Or are their lives boring so they poke fun at ppl?”

Despite the criticism Gemma has received, she told Jeremy that she feels good about herself now. “I’m a whole different person,” she said. “It has changed my life. I can look in the mirror again and not worry about anything.”

What do you think of Gemma’s transformation? Share your thoughts here.

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