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Kidney transplant surgery (VIDEO)

A kidney transplant is a surgery done to replace a diseased kidney with a healthy kidney

Amputated hand re-attaching surgery (VIDEO)

Since the first replant more than 50 years ago, thousands of severed body parts have been

Watch How This Farmer Pops Out A Cow’s Pimple (Weirdest Video)

You may have read my several articles about pimple popping. But all those articles were related

Dr. Pimple Popper Just Took On Her NASTIEST Challenge Yet: The World’s Biggest Lipoma

For people that are fans of pimple popping videos, you’re in luck! Dr. Sandra Lee a.k.a

What Happens If You Put Your Hand In Liquid Nitrogen—320ºF

   Everyone has seen the experiments with liquid nitrogen. The most notable examples are freezing the

Phone camera covered by huge explosion of pus as man is filmed squeezing cyst on his hand

WARNING GRAPHIC FOOTAGE We can only imagine that it must have been building up for a

Teenager vomits after finding insect crawling out of her pizza

A teenager claims she was sick after biting into a pizza – only to see a

See 9 months in the womb in this amazing 4 minute video

Have you ever wondered how a baby develops so rapidly and fully in his or her

Medical Procedure: How to relocate Finger Dislocation (VIDEO)

A dislocated finger is an injury where the ends of the finger bones are forced out

Woman Had A Monster Lump On Her Back But The Doctors Discover THIS

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