What Dr. Pimple Popper found near this woman’s “nether region” is totally cringeworthy

We’ve talked before about places you’d never want to see a pimple or a zit and among those were the nose and the ears, but it’s about time we added another spot we accidentally looked over – the pubic region. It sounds terribly disgusting and painful (because it is), but it’s actually not all that uncommon of an occurrence.

Sometimes life just throws out those curveballs, you know? Well luckily for those of us that enjoy a good popping video every now and again this near-pubic blackhead this woman was suffering from would be anything but pleasant. But, thanks to Dr. Sandra Lee’s YouTube presence we get to follow along with the show!This disgusting little chunk of body-cheese couldn’t have been comfortable in the slightest, as you can see where the blackhead formed and the massive bubble around it is how much it grew. The Doctor first has to numb the area which required more than a few needle pokes, but once she manages to slice it open you can see it was a little messier than it appeared to be.

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