A family of cockroaches was living inside this guy’s ears until it started paining (VIDEO)

Ears are one of the most sensitive organs of human body. Perhaps that is the reason why no one wants to meddle with ears with any pointy tool and trust no one but the doctors to handle the part. This guy in China had similar thoughts and would let no one poke inside his ears except fot the doctor, however at one point the pain grew unbearable and he had to be rushed in the emergency. What doctors found inside his ears was pure terror.

After removing the unwelcome guests, the doctor told Mr Li that if he had not come to hospital when he did his ear ‘would have been destroyed.’

Depending on temperature, a typical batch of cockroach eggs can take between 24 to 70 days to hatch, which means the mother cockroach may have been living in Mr Li’s ear for some time.

In total, doctors recovered 26 roaches from Mr Li’s ear: the mother, plus 25 babies the size of small mosquitoes.

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