Are Your Hands And Feet Always Cold? This Rare Disease Can Be The Reason

How will you feel if you wake up any given day to see your hands and feet blue in color? You might panic and that’s pretty obvious. But before anything like that happens, we are here to help you know everything you need to know about the reason behind it.

This can be the cause of a rare medical condition and let us learn more about it.

#1 – Cold Hands And Feet?

Rare Diseases

If you aways have cold hands and feet, even when it’s not particularly cold inside, you may have a medical problem. There is a condition called Raynaud’s Disease, and you’ll find that there are people living with the disease completely unaware of it all across the country.

#2 – Extremities And Raynaud’s Disease

#2 - Extremities And Raynaud's Disease

Raynaud’s Disease most commonly displays symptoms in your hands and feet, and it’s heralded by icy coldness. However, it’s also possible that it may show up in other areas of the body. This might be in your nose, ears or even your nipples (though that’s pretty rare).

#3 – Winter Is Worse

Rare cold hands and feet disease

Raynaud’s sufferers get their worst moments in winter when it actually is cold, but it’s important to note that an attack can happen even in the hottest conditions. Naturally, experiencing symptoms in warm weather is a bit more noticeable.

Women tend to suffer from Raynaud’s more than men, at a rate of 4 to 1.

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