Man sees the doctor because his ear felt odd, is terrified by what the doctor pulls out

A man got ear wax removed using a gross irrigation method, and video of the disturbing removal quickly went viral (video below).

After the man discovered that his ears weren’t feeling right, he decided to go to the doctor and get them checked. Upon visiting his doctor, it was determined that he needed an ear irrigation to remove the wax.

“Ear irrigation refers to the process of flushing your ears with a liquid to clean and remove foreign particles. Whether it is discharge that needs to be removed, hardened ear wax that needs softening or a small object that needs to be dislodged, irrigation is the way to go,” LiveStrong wrote of the process of irrigation.

“It is wise to have a nurse or other qualified person irrigate your ears to avoid making the problem worse or causing damage to your eardrum.” In a video of the process, a syringe is put inside the man’s ear and water is shot inside, pushing out mold and wax

The video quickly went viral, with many people expressing their disgust with the disturbing method of cleaning the man’s ear.

“That was disgusting,” one Newsiosity reader wrote on the site’s Facebook page.

“Unbelievable that people dont think their ears need cleaning,” another added.

Watch the disgusting process below:

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