Medical Procedure: How to relocate Finger Dislocation (VIDEO)

A dislocated finger is an injury where the ends of the finger bones are forced out of their normal alignment. It’s a painful, but fairly common sports injury. If you reach, grab, pull, or push while playing your sport, a dislocated finger is always a possibility.

A dislocated finger occurs when the bones of a finger are moved out of their normal position because of the impact of the fingers against an object, person, ball, or piece of equipment. There are three joints in each finger (not counting the thumb). The middle joint is the one most frequently injured in athletes. Typical scenarios are a basketball player reaching for a ball, a volleyball player trying to deflect a smash or a football player grabbing his opponent, getting his finger caught in a piece of equipment, or deflecting a quarterback’s pass at close range.

For more about how to relocate a dislocated finger watch the below video:

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